Whenever ultrasonic inspections need to be performed on a high number of the same type of products, the most economical solution is the use of an Ultrasonic Testing Machine or Ultrasonic System together with the ultrasonic probes and probe holders, manipulators and custom-made mechanics.

Depending on the requirement there are different kind of  system configurations available such as:

1. Simple UT system - manual or semiautomatic

Such Systems may utilize a standard single or multi-channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with analog or digital output, simple mechanics and a computerized data evaluation system.

Example: Low Cost rod and profile inspection system

In this system various rods and profiles are manually inspected for internal flaws. The user moves the slider left or right over the test piece inserted into the immersion tank and monitors the receiving signal on the flaw detector. A drop of the amplitude stands for the size of a detected flaw. 

Example: Low Budget, semi-automated, multi-channel Rod Testing system

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Down, to the left the A-Scans of the 4 active channels are shown. This system is designed to check two rods at a time. In total 8 UT channels may be used.

Top, to the left the special designed software is visible where color-coded results from the different channels are placed in a C-Scan image.  

Example: Low Budget, semi-automated, multi-channel Piston Ring Testing System

User starts the inspection with a key press on the control board after inserting the ring into the rotating unit. The rotating unit turns the ring and the 8 probes (4 transmitters and 4 receivers) inspect the complete volume of the ring. In case a flaw is found, the system stops automatically, a flaw alarm is raised and the user takes the ring out for rejection. 

2. Advanced UT System - fully automatic

Usually a special kind of flaw detector is connected to a PC system (sometimes also connected to client's network for advanced data analysis) for Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR).

These systems consist of Single or Multi-channel Special Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, special mechanics, probe holders, loading and unloading system for the parts inspected and a computerized evaluation system with custom-made soft ware and PC outputs to sorting mechanics for "GOOD" and "BAD" automatic sorting.

Example: Fully Automatic, Multi-channel, Piston Ring Testing System

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This fully automatic ultrasonic testing system is designed to inspect piston rings. Rings with flaws will automatically rejected by the robot supported system. The software was especially designed according to the customer’s requirements. 

There are some specialties in this system as under:

The system is automatically verifying its proper functioning by inspecting a sample ring with artificial flaws after a user defined number of rings tested.

The system contains also a second visual inspection system to monitor the position of the sorting notch in order to filter out flaw indications in the area of the sorting notch. Due to this feature the system will automatically define rings with indications in the sorting notch as good rings as this area will be cut out from the ring in the following manufacturing process.

The system will store all data for the entire shift and/or type of ring for further analysis. 

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