Ultrasonic Inspection in Aerospace industries.

Aerospace Industry stands for reliability and highest safety standards. It is a cost intensive business. Grounding time for failure analysis and maintenance of an Aircraft is highly influencing profits.

The inspection efficiency is most important. Therefore all inspection procedures are laid down in the aircraft maintenance manuals.

Flaw Detectors provided by United NDT are designed for highest performance, ease of operation and calibration. They are used for ultrasonic thickness measurement and flaw detection in the manufacturing process for aerospace parts or during maintenance and overhaul. Since the introduction of the Ultrasonic Phased Array technology, conventional ultrasonic testing is more and more replaced, as the inspection process is much faster and more reliable. One of the problems with the Phased Array technique is, that it sometimes requires extensive time to set up the equipment for testing. This is different with United NDT Phased Array products. They are known for their ease of use and fast and easy calibration. Furthermore these instrument allow 100% data capture and review of the complete testing procedure as well as further evaluation.

Here are some of the applications in aerospace industries:

  • Thickness measurement on the aircraft body and window elements
  • Flaw detection on all metal parts (landing gear, aircraft engine, turbine discs etc.)
  • Inspection of nonmetal parts (e.g. testing of composites on de-lamination and inspection of impact damages)

In general United NDT equipment is applied during the manufacturing process and during maintenance in the aerospace industries.

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Special offer! Mini Scanner TOFD and PA DUET

The Manual Mini Scanner is a lightweight, rugged, small hand held scanner with built-in encoder and magnetic wheels to carry out manual Phased Array Scans. It is designed to accommodate either one PA probe or with optional 2nd probe holder a pair of TOFD probes or one pair of Phased Array probes. Request Information |  EU VAT Rules | Delivery costs
USONIC 10 / ISONIC 2010 USONIC 10 / ISONIC 2010 2
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DEMO UNIT - ISONIC 10 Entry 16/16 Phased...

A product from the technical leader in Phased Array and TOFD technology  SONOTRON NDT : PA Ultrasonic Instrument and Recorder with integrated conventional UT and TOFD technique OUR DEMO EQUIPMENT IN EXCELLENT CONDITION (Like new) COMES WITH EXPERT SOFTWARE OPTION.    Package includes instrument, Expert software option, batterie, mains adapter,...
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A product from the technical leader in Phased Array and TOFD technology  SONOTRON NDT : Very Powerful Superior Performance Extremely Portable Smart Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Recorder with 2 Conventional UT and TOFD Channels Request Information |  EU VAT Rules | Delivery costs
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DEMO UNIT - ISONIC 2008 (8 channels, also for...

A product from the technical leader in Phased Array and TOFD technology  SONOTRON NDT : 8-Channel Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector And Recorder THIS IS A USED DEMO EQUIPMENT! Request Information |  EU VAT Rules | Delivery costs
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UniRec PA-M

Multi-Technology, Multi-Purpose, Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array Flaw Detector and Recorder with 2 integrated Conventional channels, also for TOFD Applications 32:128 channel PA, 2x TOFD channel, FMC/TFM, SRUT, FFT, CHIME Introductory Video  
Delivery time: 3 - 4 days
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