Introduction to Multichannel, Multipurpose Scanner PA and TOFD

This manual scanner supports curvature adjustment and is suitable for circumferential and axial inspections on pipes and planar test objects.  Spring loaded probe holders ensure good coupling. The scanner also comes with a brake device, which leads to firmly positioning at any position.  The scanner can be operated with up to 4 probes (PA / TOFD).

Standard Kit

· Two brackets (including angle adjusting block, handle and brake device)

· Two foldable horizontal bars with total length of 440mm

· One encoder with 3m cable

· Four probe clamping arms

· Water distribution device

· Carrying case and other accessories


1. Four probe holders with spring loaded device for best coupling

2. Two horizontal bars adjustable to curvature from 7 inch dia. to flat in axial and circumferential direction

3. Brake device to hold scanner in firm stay in any position

4. Internal water distribution device 

5. Adaptable clamp for different size of wedge.

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