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Ultra-Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Thickness / Corrosion Gauge

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Miniature dimensions and lightest weight ever

ISONIC utPod delivers full functionality of the top performance ultrasonic detector such as

  • Bi-polar square wave pulser with tunable shape, pulse duration and amplitude (up to 300 V pp) and boosted leading / falling edges enhancing ultrasound penetration for various materials characterized either by high or low grain, sound attenuation, and the like
  • 100 dB analogue gain / 0.2...25 MHz bandpass / 100 MHz sampling rate
  • 32-Taps FIR band pass digital filter with controllable lower and upper frequency limits
  • Analogue performance A-Scan with no range limit for RF display mode
  • Up to 2 kHz pulse repetition frequency
  • Multi-curve DAC, DGS / TCG
  • 2 independent gates
  • Automatic evaluation including trigonometric functions, thickness and curvature correction, etc
  • AWS / API defect evaluation
  • High Color Resolution QVGA screen – 3.2” Active Matrix LCD with an embedded PICASO-GFX2 graphics controller
  • Built-in horn and virtual lamps on the screen to alarm the defect indications
  • 2 on-board rechargeable long durability Li-Ion batteries

ISONIC utPod LF is a modified version of ISONIC utPod adapted for low frequency ultrasound applications. It is characterized by the receiver frequency range and limit for manipulating the duration of initial pulse different from ISONIC utPod – refer to Technical Data in the brochure

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